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10th European congress on Menopause and Andropause, May 20-22 Madrid, Spain

On May 21, 2015 Pantarhei Bioscience and Mithra Pharmaceuticals have sponsored a symposium on the topic “Estetrol and Breast Cancer” at the EMAS in Madrid. The lectures were presented by Tommasso Simoncini (Modulatory effects of E4 on breast cancer cell invasion), Lenus Kloosterboer (Effect of estetrol in the DMBA induced breast cancer carinoma model), Jean Michel Foidart (Estetrol has selective estrogen receptor modulating effects on the breast) and Christian Singer (Antiestrogenic effects of E4 on estrogen-receptor positive early breast cancer). The sessions were chaired by Margaret Rees (Reader Emeritus in Reproductive Medicine at University of Oxford) and Herjan Coelingh Bennink (CEO and President of Pantarhei Bioscience).

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Pantarhei Bioscience verlegt focus naar kankeronderzoek via oprichting van nieuw dochterbedrijf Pantarhei Oncology

Het in 2001 opgerichte Pantarhei Bioscience uit Zeist maakt vandaag de oprichting bekend van het dochterbedrijf Pantarhei Oncology. In deze aparte organisatie met nieuw management, worden innovatieve behandelingsconcepten voor kanker van de voortplantingsorganen ondergebracht. De ontwikkeling van nieuwe medicijnen op het gebied van de gezondheid van de vrouw blijft het aandachtsgebeid van Pantarhei Bioscience.
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Pantarhei Bioscience will focus on cancer research in new subsidiary Pantarhei Oncology

Pantarhei Bioscience, founded in 2001 and based in the Netherlands, announces the foundation of the new spin-off company Pantarhei Oncology. New management will direct this organisation for the development of innovative treatments of cancer of the reproductive organs. The development of new drugs for Women’s Health will remain the focus of Pantarhei Bioscience.

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