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Pantarhei Bioscience (PRB) started its activities in January 2001 as a company focused on the development of new drugs for Women’s Health (WH) applications and has successfully completed proof-of-concept and licensed out new products for oral contraception, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and infertility treatment. Important recent achievements of PRB are the outlicensing of assets, data and patent applications related to (i) the ovarian antigen Zona Pellucida 3 (ZP3) in 2014 to HRA in Paris, France, for the immunotherapy of metastasized ovarian cancer, and (ii) of the fetal steroid hormone Estetrol (E4) for several WH applications to Mithra in Liège, Belgium in 2015.
Recently the company has decided to shift its focus from WH to endocrine oncology by the foundation of a daughter company, Pantarhei Oncology (PRO), for the development of new treatment concepts, based on the use of E4 in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer and of active and passive ZP3 immunization for prostate cancer and several other non-disclosed epithelial cancers expressing the ZP3 antigen.

Please click for more details in Dutch (Het Financiële Dagblad June 30, 2015) or English about Mithra and in English for HRA (press release October 27, 2014).


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