Pantarhei appoints Iman Schultz as new Director of Research & Development

Per 1st of January 2020, Iman Schultz has joined Pantarhei as Director R&D. Iman will be responsible for the pre-clinical and clinical development of Pantarhei, including the coordination, analysis and scientific support of Pantarhei’s projects.

Yvette Zimmerman, CEO of Pantarhei states: “With the start of Iman, the company brings in 10 years of R&D experience in the field of biotechnology and drug development for oncological treatments, which will strengthen the company during further development of the projects.” Iman holds a PhD in Translation Oncology. Prior to joining Pantarhei he has been involved in oncology drug development as research scientist and project manager R&D at InteRNA Technologies BV, the Netherlands. In addition, Iman has valuable experience in the management of intellectual property (IP) support and securing financial support for different drug development companies.

Estetrol has DUAL efficacy in the treatment of
end-stage breast cancer

The pregnancy estrogen Estetrol (E4) has a DUAL effect when treating heavily-pre-treated women with advanced breast cancer who have no further treatment options. First, E4 has an anti-tumor effect and second, E4 improves wellbeing.

The Dutch biotech company Pantarhei Oncology presents on December 13, 2019 at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) in the USA the results of the first clinical study with High Doses of the fetal estrogen Estetrol (HDE4) in women with advanced end-stage breast cancer. Nine women without further treatment options participated in the study and were treated with 20, 40 or 60 mg E4 per day for 12 weeks. Anti-tumor effects after 12 weeks treatment were confirmed in 5 of 9 women and strong improvement of wellbeing occurred in 7 of 9 patients.

For more information please read the Press Release or the Poster.

Voor meer informatie lees hier het Nederlandstalig persbericht.


27th World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility (COGI), November 21-23, 2019, Paris

On Friday November 22, 2019, Herjan Coelingh Bennink from Pantarhei lectured during the session: Breast cancer epidemic and hormonal replacement: What is the relationship?

The title of this special countercurrent lecture was: Treatment of advanced breast cancer with high dose estrogens.

For more information please read the abstract.

13th European Society of Gynecology (ESG) Congress, October 16-19 2019, Vienna, Austria

On Thursday October 17, 2019, Herjan Coelingh Bennink of Pantarhei lectured on: “Estetrol for the treatment of advanced breast cancer” in a symposium entitled “Breast cancer: new challenges in diagnosis, pathogenesis and therapy”. The symposium was chaired by Xiangyan Ruan and Kerstin Rhiem.

For more information, please read the abstract.

Pantarhei Bioscience Change of Address

Beginning of September, Pantarhei Bioscience has moved the office to a new building. The new address is Boulevard 17, 3707 BK Zeist, the Netherlands. For more information, see change-of-address.

Pantarhei Bioscience New Address

Interview met Yvette Zimmerman en Olav Andriesse in BiotechNEWS & Life Sciences

Pantarhei Bioscience (sinds 2001) werd in 2014 uitgebreid met een succesvolle Oncology-tak en diende in de afgelopen jaren meer dan 220 patenten in. Een actieve onderneming, volop in ontwikkeling -niet voor niets Panta Rhei – alles stroomt- met een diepgewortelde missie en visie: “Pantarhei ontwikkelt veilige en effectieve nieuwe geneesmiddelen op basis van bestaande menselijke moleculen tot en met “proof-of-concept” bij de mens. Met deze strategie zijn we 18 jaar geleden begonnen en is succesvol gebleken,” aldus de nieuwe CEO Yvette Zimmerman. Lees hier het artikel.

12th European Congress on Menopause and Andropause, May 15-17, 2019, Berlin

On Thursday May 16, 2019, Pantarhei Oncology sponsored a symposium entitled “Treatment of Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer with the Fetal Estrogen Estetrol”. Lectures were presented by Herjan Coelingh Bennink (The profile of the fetal estrogen estetrol [E4]), Hans Georg Lenhard (Treatment of advanced breast cancer with E4) and Frans Debruyne (Treatment of advanced prostate cancer with E4). The session was chaired by Tomasso Simoncini and Yvette Zimmerman.

Contribution of Pantarhei Oncology to the 18th World Congress of the IAHR

Contribution of Pantarhei Oncology to the 18th World Congress of the International Academy of the Human Reproduction (IAHR), April 3-6, 2019 in Dublin by an invited lecture of Herjan Coelingh Bennink

On Thursday April 4, 2019, a key lecture entitled “Estrogens, Estetrol and Breast Cancer” was given by Herjan Coelingh Bennink, President of Pantarhei Oncology during a scientific session “Oncology, Breast and Gynecological Surgery”. The session was chaired by by Andrea Genazzani. For more information, please read the abstract.


Interview Herjan Coelingh Bennink in de Volkskrant “Een anticonceptiepil mét testosteron moet man en vrouw seksueel gelijkwaardiger maken.”

Na twintig jaar onderzoek van Pantarhei Bioscience komt dankzij farmaceut Gedeon Richter een bijzondere anticonceptiepil dichter bij de vrouw. De Volkskrant schetst in een interview met Herjan Coelingh Bennink de geschiedenis tot nu toe in een artikel getiteld “Een anticonceptiepil mét testosteron moet man en vrouw seksueel gelijkwaardiger maken.”
Lees hier het hele artikel

Gedeon Richter and Pantarhei signed a license and supply agreement for commercialisation of a novel combined oral contraceptive

Gedeon Richter Plc. and Pantarhei Bioscience BV today announced that they have entered into a license and supply agreement to commercialise Pantarhei’s combined oral contraceptive (COC), containing 30 µg ethinyl estradiol, 150 µg levonorgestrel and 50 mg dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). The product is under development with successfully completed Phase II trials and is ready for further clinical studies to obtain marketing approval. The geographic scope of the agreement covers Europe, Russia, Latin America and Australia.

Read more: Press Release GedeonRichter – Pantarhei February 4, 2019